Real Tax Reform That You Won’t Hear About Elsewhere

We increase the top income tax rate from the present 39.6 to 45 percent and use ALL the new revenue generated, ALL OF IT, to reduce lower income tax rates. This is NOT a tax increase. No new money flows Continue reading

Dear HP, Please Marry Me

The Supreme Court has recognized a corporation’s constitutional right to political expression. It may soon do the same for a corporation’s right to religious expression. So shouldn’t the right of corporations to marry — not just other corporations via mergers Continue reading

Mr. Putin Is Chuckling At The Dinner Table

Before becoming Germany’s foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop was Nazi Germany’s ambassador to Britain in the mid-1930s. There’s a famous story of him dining with Winston Churchill and discussing the war both expected to come soon. Ribbentrop noted that this Continue reading

My 2016 Dream Ticket — Sanders And Paul

My dream presidential ticket in 2016 is a lefty libertarian ticket. Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul. If this sounds strange, it shouldn’t. The Democrats were always a party that sought to keep Wall Street in check. Then in the 1990s Continue reading

How To Reanimate The U.S. Economy

These days you often hear that our politics have become “monetized.” That with all the money pouring into elections, especially since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, government is being distorted in ways that work only for deep pocket special Continue reading

The Battle Hymn Of The Stock Trader

Defying common sense, logic, real world economics, and increasing its own traditional reasons for rising and falling, the stock market of late has been irrationally exuberant to an unusually irrational extent. One can thus easily imagine that traders in this Continue reading