A Progressive’s Call For Smaller Government

Conservatives are shredding the safety net. They say government spending here is getting out of control. I agree. We have to reduce spending in this realm. And there’s only one sensible and sustainable way to do this: We have to Continue reading

1992: The Year The Battle For Earth Was Lost

It’s Earth Day again. Important People will don flannel shirts and be photographed against a natural wonder or at an alternative energy site. Kids will hear the usual calls to be green while picking up trash in local parks. Scientists Continue reading

Putting The Right Spin On The Income Inequality Argument

Growing income inequality between the top one percent and the rest of the population seems a wonderful political issue for progressives. This will only be true, however, if the issue is framed properly, which has not always been the case. Continue reading

My 2016 Dream Ticket — Sanders And Paul

My dream presidential ticket in 2016 is a lefty libertarian ticket. Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul. If this sounds strange, it shouldn’t. The Democrats were always a party that sought to keep Wall Street in check. Then in the 1990s Continue reading

Popularity Of Congress Soars!

A few months ago the approval rating of the U.S. congress reached its lowest point in history — perhaps the lowest point of any legislature in world history — just 8 percent. But that was then. According to a just Continue reading

Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin, Marc Rich — How The Democratic Party Sold Out To Wall Street

Robert Rubin was the smartest guy in a room full of guys who thought they were the smartest guy in the room. When Bill Clinton appointed him Treasury Security, Rubin explained to the president how the U.S. economy could get Continue reading

Barack Obama Is Destroying The Democratic Party Brand

The Tea Party’s influence is destroying the Republican brand. A Republican Party with a rich tradition of being moderate with conservative leanings, sensible and willing to negotiate to advance bi-partisan objectives, has been turned into a my-way-or-the-highway gaggle of ideological Continue reading

To Win Congressional Elections in 2014, Run AGAINST Money

In post-Citizens United America, political wisdom says the country has become a mammonocracy, that a candidate with the most money wins, or only loses when the other candidate has almost as much money. Is this true? Maybe now it is. Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street And The Tea Party — Coming Together at Last?

Senator Bernie Sanders, a progressive senator from Vermont, is introducing a bill this week that would break up the Too-Big-To-Fail banks. It would require Treasury Secretary Lew to compile a list of these institutions in 90 days, and after that Continue reading

Differences Between Republicans And Democrats Explained

Are you confused about the differences between this country’s two major parties? Perhaps this simple guide will help. Republicans have a set of firmly held beliefs. Democrats have things they kind of like if no one objects too much. Republicans Continue reading