A Progressive’s Call For Smaller Government

Conservatives are shredding the safety net. They say government spending here is getting out of control. I agree. We have to reduce spending in this realm. And there’s only one sensible and sustainable way to do this: We have to Continue reading

The Best Idea To Reanimate The Economy You Won’t Hear About Elsewhere

We increase the top income tax rate from the present 39.6 to 45 percent and use ALL the new revenue generated, ALL OF IT, to reduce lower income tax rates. This is NOT a tax increase. No new money flows Continue reading

The Importance Of Believable Economic Reportage

If your local weatherman keeps telling you that the sun is shining and temperatures are in the sixties, and you look out your own window and see it’s snowing and the thermometer there is reading in the thirties, pretty soon Continue reading

Selig Cartwright, Goldman Sachs Washroom Attendant, Solves The Income Inequality Puzzle

(Mr. B. enters the washroom, obviously seeking relief.) Is my personal Stall #8 ready, Selig? Ready for immediate use? It’s ready, sir. Though still locked. I thought first I’d discuss an idea with you. About income inequality. Love to chat Continue reading

The American Middle Class Declaration

We hold these economic truths to be self-evident. That a vibrant, growing and secure middle class is the bedrock of American prosperity. That while every society has spawned opportunities for a few individuals to acquire great wealth, America’s economic uniqueness Continue reading

The Big Lie About The Economy’s Health

It’s a dirty political trick that keeps getting played because it works — at least for awhile. The trick of lying about something over and over again, in as many ways as possible, in as many media as possible, until Continue reading

All Important Economic Questions Answered Here

Q: Why are there such huge protests in countries around the world? A; Of course there are many local reasons for these protests. But whether it’s the Arab Spring, the protests around Europe, or our own Occupy Wall Street, one Continue reading

To Get Government Policies That Aid The Middle Class, We Need New Middle Class—Oriented Metrics

In business circles they know that what gets measured gets done. It’s the numbers that accountants provide and managers use to set company policies that determine what these policies are, what gets priorities, what doesn’t. The same is true, of Continue reading

One Minute World Economy Wrap-Up

Too busy to follow economic news from around the world? Confused by all the differing views on whether things are getting better or worse? Brain wary trying to make sense of market analyst jabber and government spin doctor twaddle? Anguish Continue reading